3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I came across a finding while doing a bit of research about the universe. Scientists have theories that currently offer three possible shapes to the universe. The universe is defined in this case as “everything that exists.” The possible shapes are 1) a sphere 2) a flat “plane” 3) a saddle shape. I personally like the saddle shape idea. It’s really wackier and more unexpected than the rest. And why not! Also if the universe is saddle shaped you could take a short cut to the other side. I like that idea. I like options. Maybe it would make time travel more possible too in that case. I’m all for that.

So am I “out of joint” a bit, or is the universal just the shape to be a little surprising, a little bit cowboy rodeo-like? Is the universe really just riding on the bucking bronco of existence? Probably. (In a way)

We were made for paradise.

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