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Sarah was an active three-year old- underscore active! She was always busy and always in a hurry because at three years of age, she already realized that there are so many exciting things to do and see and experience in this incredible world God has given us.

Sarah interrupted her playtime just long enough to run into the kitchen in search of a mid-afternoon snack. Hurriedly, she said to her mother, “Banana, Mommy, banana!” Jodi, her mother, handed her a banana. Sarah quickly grabbed the banana and turned to rush back out of the kitchen. Before she took very many steps, however, her mother said, “Sarah, what’s the magic word?” Sarah screeched to a halt, turned around, and said, “Please! Thank you! You’re Welcome!” And then, “I love you, Momma!”

The magic word Sarah forgot and Jodi was looking for was thank you. Jodi wanted Sarah to learn how important it is to stop and say thank you.

From Attitude is Your Paintbrush, by James Moore

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