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Like Lucy, Edmund finds his way into Narnia through the wardrobe. But he doesn’t meet the nice faun, Mr. Tumnus. Instead, he comes face to face with the most feared being in that world: Jadis, the White Witch.

What Edmund doesn’t realize is that he is, in fact, a being that she fears. She wants to know if he is a “son of Adam”, a human. You see there is an ancient prophecy in Narnia that says when 2 sons of Adam, and 2 daughters of Eve sit on the 4 thrones of Cair Paravel, her rule of winter will be broken. Imagine her terrified surprize when she finds out from Edmund that he has 2 sisters and a brother!

She quickly hatches a plan to seduce Edmund and the rest and to keep the land under her frozen rule of eternal winter. “Always winter, never Christmas.” She plays on his desire, and soon he has agreed to betray his family into her hands.

Lewis has given us a picture of Genesis 3:

An evil being seduces Adam & Eve through their desires.

The land is forever cursed.

But there is a prophecy that the offspring of Adam will destroy the evil one. It is, in fact, the first prophecy of the coming Christ.

So the Chronicles of Narnia are once again, telling us the Christmas story.

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