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When a fellow pastor was a child, his family sold evergreens for Christmas. Since they did the trimming throughout the year, they could tell which tree was the fullest, and they would tag it, so that no one else would take the tree that they wanted...

Spiritually, we probably resemble Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, rather than one that you would put in front of the Court House. And yet God has tagged us. That’s what he did, when he placed his name on us at baptism. Though sin and guilt does press down heavy upon us, through the baby Jesus, we have forgiveness that sits on us as the lightest of snow. It covers the spots that don’t look full. Thanks to Jesus, in God’s eyes we are as desirable to have in his home as Jesus is. Because Jesus was willing to accept the curse of hanging on the tree of the cross, we have the joy of being made acceptable to God.

Since God tag is on us, no one can take us away from him. The devil can not come and cut us down. We are the Lord’s.

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