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Here are words to a hymn from the tune of ’O Little Town of Bethlehem.’ It was sung after a Narnia message titled, "What If There Were No Christmas?"

O Wintry Land of Narnia

O wintry land of Narnia what mysteries do you hold?

Despite the threats of the white witch, Good News is to unfold!

‘Cause in your dark streets cometh the glory of the King.

The Lion’s here so hope draws near and birds begin to sing.

We hear that Aslan’s on the move, or so the Beavers say.

While evil lurks his goodness works to melt the snow away.

The witch has used her magic to turn her foes to stone,

But Aslan will climb up that hill for Narnia to atone.

Imagine if there never were a Christmas to enjoy;

Nativities and Christmas trees we never would employ.

No light to shine in darkness, we’d all be left alone;

But Christ has...

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