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Some very well known people experienced major knock downs but got up to win.

FRED ASTAIRE – a memo circulated after his first screen test for MGM in 1933 – “Can’t act !, slightly bald !, can dance a little”

WALT DISNEY – was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas. He also went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland.

ALBERT EINSTEIN – didn’t speak until he was 4, didn’t write until he was 7. His teacher described him as “mentally slow, unsociable and adrift forever in foolish dreams”. He was expelled and was refused entry to Zurich Polytechnic.

F.W.WOOLWORTH – his employers at the dry goods store said he had not enough sense to wait upon customers.

WINSTON CHURCHILL – failed at junior school. Did not become PM until he was 62 after a lifetime of defeats and set backs. His greatest contributions came when he was a ‘senior citizen’.

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