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In an interview with Robert Morse he talked about his resentment for a particular period of his ministry. Robert and his family were missionaries to Burma. During this period, he and his family were kicked out of Burma. Some of the children were sick, and one lady was about to have a baby. Because of this, they could not go back to America. Instead, they had to hike over the Himalayan Mountains and live in the jungle. This “temporary inconvenience” lasted 6 long years. Looking back, however, this was a very important and productive time. During these years, Robert completed a translation of the New Testament in the native language. Some converts were made among a tribe of headhunters known as the “Naked Nagas.” When Reader’s Digest published a book about the Morse family, they focused on this one 6 year period that Robert had so resented. The book was called, Exodus to a Hidden Valley. When questioned about these things, Robert would smile and confess that God was right all of the time. There was no need to worry, and no need for anything to be done differently.

Perhaps it is time for us to smile and come to the same conclusion. God is still in control, and in the “fullness of time,” everything is going to be okay.

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