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The NY Times had a story about a little boy who was riding the bus. He sat so close to a woman dressed in a gray suit that everybody assumed that he was her son & she was his mother. Until finally another lady sat down on the same seat with them.

And when the little boy put his feet up on the seat & got the other lady’s dress dirty, she turned to the lady in the gray suit & said, "Would you please tell your son to put his feet down because he is getting my dress dirty?"

The lady in the gray suit pushed the boy away & said, "He’s not my son. I’ve never seen him before in my life." The 2nd lady looked at the little boy sadly for a moment & then started talking with him. She asked him if he was traveling alone.

"Yes," he said, "I always travel alone. My mommy & daddy are both dead & I live with Aunt Clara. But Aunt Clara thinks that Aunt Mildred ought to take her turn in taking care of me too. So whenever she gets tired of me, she sends me to Aunt Mildred. I’m going to Aunt Mildred’s now."

The woman said, "It must be tough traveling alone." "Yeah," said the little boy, "it is. But I never get lost. But," he said, "sometimes I do get very lonesome. So whenever I see someone with a kind face I sit close to them, & pretend that I belong to them & that they belong to me."

He continued, "I sure hope that Aunt Mildred is home when I get there, because it looks like it is going to rain & I don’t like to be outside when it rains." The woman reached over & grabbed the boy, hugged him so tight that it almost hurt & wished for a moment that this little boy who wanted so much to belong, could belong to her.

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