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Some of you might remember a family of tightrope walkers. They were billed as ‘the Flying Wallendas.’ One of their special stunts was to use members of their family to make a four level pyramid - high atop a platform that they would then cross the tightrope with. They performed this stunt for several years.

But one night, about ¾ the way across, one of the young men of the family was on the bottom row of the pyramid and he yelled out, “I cannot hold any longer.” And with that, his knee buckled and the entire family fell the pavement below. Many were crippled for life and one died. All because the pressure was so much on one person that his entire world around him collapsed.

Have you ever felt like you were under such a great pressure that your world could collapse at any moment? Whether it be the pressures of schoolwork, a job, family pressures, or anything else, have you ever felt like yelling, “I can’t do this any more!” That is the exact moment you need to call out to Christ, and say, “I can’t do this any more – without You, Lord!”

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