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I came across an article that was entitled, “Is it better to be a jock or a nerd?”

The article was about Michael Jordan, & it was written last year before he retired from professional basketball, playing for the Chicago Bulls. It pointed out that Michael Jordan received about $300,000 for every game he played for the Bulls. That means that if he played 30 minutes in every game, he received $10,000 a minute for every minute he played.

Adding in the fact that he received about $40,000,000 a year for his endorsements, Michael Jordan’s total income was $178,000 per day, whether he played or not. Assuming that he slept 7 hours a night, he received $52,000 while sugar plums were dancing in his head. If he went to a movie, it cost him $8 to see the movie. But while he watched the movie he was making another $18,550.

If he had a 5-minute egg, he made $618 while the egg boiled. And if he decided to buy a new Acura NSX, a $90,000 automobile, he had to save up for a whole 12 hours to get it. Last year Michael Jordan made 2 times more than all the combined salaries of all the Presidents who have ever served our country.

So how do you feel about your salary this morning? But listen to this: As highly paid as he was, Michael Jordan would have to keep on earning as much as he did last year for the next 270 years & save it all to have a net worth equal to that of Bill Gates of Microsoft. Maybe it is better to be a nerd!

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