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I was in my second year of walking with Christ. Those who knew me closely, heard me say that my mission in life was to live for the same purpose Christ lived on earth: “to seek and to save the lost”.

And that’s how I lived my life from the beginning of my Christian life. Every day, before I went to work, I knelt before the Lord and I prayed:” Lord, cleanse me with your blood, fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and bring in my life someone who needs you today…” And every day God brought in my life at least one person with whom I was able to share the love of Christ.

But one day, when my husband and I were hiding from the Secret Police, I had an interesting experience. We spent about 10 days on the beach, by the Black Sea. We didn’t believe we could afford to pay for the lot, and rationalized it, claiming, “It‘s God’s ground.” So we stayed without paying.

The tenth day we were getting ready to leave, but as I looked back on my time there, I realized that for the first time in my Christian life I spent a whole ten day block of time without telling anyone at least “Jesus loves you”.

I shared my concern with my husband that morning as we were having our devotional time in the tent. As we prayed together, I was crying and weeping, telling the Lord that, if He couldn’t or wouldn’t use me, I want Him to take me home. I felt that, without sharing Christ with people, my time on earth would be a big waist. Then, as my husband prayed for me, I heard him say: “Lord, please help me to be worthy of my wife’s calling”.

Well, God answered my cry. Before we left, I went on the beach one more time, to say good bye to all our new friends whom we met there, and I was able to share Christ with every single one of them. I was SO...

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