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ILLUSTRATION... Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins [may need Buzz L toy to explain]

I was watching a cartoon with my kids the other day and a great example of unity piped into my home through the TV. The cartoon was Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (one of Nate and Ian’s favorite shows). Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger made famous by the movie "Toy Story" and now he has his own cartoon. They were showing the pilot episode in which the homeworld of Buzz Lightyear’s allies the Little Green Men was attacked by the evil Emperor Zurg. The Little Green Men are the mechanics and scientists that help the space rangers and so when their world is attacked, the space rangers want to help their friends. The Evil Emperor Zurg attacks for a specific reason and steals what is called the "unimind." It is the Unimind that links all of the LGMs together and allows them to work as a team and be the most effective mechanics and scientists. It allows them to work with one purpose. It allows them to function as a united workforce. Once the Unimind is stolen, the LGMs cannot do anything. They cannot communicate, they cannot fix anything, and they cannot do the most basic tasks. Long story short, Buzz Lightyear rescues the LGMs by getting the Unimind back and saving the day! And yet, the lesson remained. Without a common thought and purpose, the Little Green Men were lost and actually worked against each other.

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