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In Max Lucado’s book The Applause of Heaven, he gives an illustration, that cements Jesus’ point that the only way to change your life is to change your heart. At one time Max and his family lived in Rio De Janeiro, working as missionaries. Once, when they were leaving on a week long trip, Max remembered he had forgotten to unplug his ham radio. He dashed back in the house and pulled the plug, and dashed out. Unfortunately he pulled the wrong plug. The radio sat on their freezer, which had been newly stocked with meat, and was now unplugged. To make matters worse they were gone for 7 days, & it was summer in Brazil, which Max says redefines hot. When they got home, Max’s wife Denalyn decided to get some meat out of the freezer.. Max says “it was a `moving’ experience.” Since it was Max who unplugged the freezer it was Max who got to clean it. With tongue in cheek he writes:

"What is the best way to clean out a rotten interior? I knew exactly what to do. I got a rag and a bucket of soapy water and began cleaning the outside of the appliance. I was sure the odor would disappear as I buffed and wiped and polished. But when I opened the door, the smell was revolting. No problem, I thought. I knew what to do. This freezer needs some friends. I’d stink too if I had the social life of a machine in a utility room. So, I threw a party. I invited all the appliances from the neighborhood. Everyone played pin in the socket and had a few laughs about limited warranties.. I was sure the social interaction would cure the inside of the freezer but when I opened it up the stink was even worse. I had an idea. If the polish job and a social life wouldn’t help, I’d give the freezer some status! So I bought a Mercedes sticker and stuck it on the door. I installed a cell phone on the side and I opened the door.. still repulsive. I could think of only one other option- pleasure. So I bought copies of "Playfridge"- the publication that displays freezers with their doors open. I rented some foxy films, my favorite was "The Big Chill." After a few days of supercharged, after hours entertainment, I opened the door. I nearly got sick."

Lucado concludes: "I know what you’re thinking, the only thing worse than Max’s humor is his common sense. Who would concentrate on the outside when the problem is on the inside? Really want to know? A housewife battles with depression. What is the solution offered by a close...

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