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In 1954, a small boy was found outside a hospital in Bal Rampur, India. Doctors were perplexed by his condition and, after many examinations, were unsure of how to treat him.

The boy had calloused knees and hands, as if he had spent most of his young life on all fours. He had hideously pointed teeth with cracks in his gums, suggesting that he had bitten into stone or very hard wood. He had scars on the back of his neck, suggesting that he had been dragged around by animals with sharp teeth. He spoke no discernible language and seemed unable to communicate with anyone. He had no name, so the hospital staff called him “Ramu.”

Ramu showed no interest in other children and was especially frightened by adults. But one day, a hospital employee took Ramu and some other children for a visit to the zoo. The employee noticed that Ramu became extremely excited when he saw the wolf pen. Ramu called to the wolves and seemed to be able to communicate with them.

This led doctors to conduct an experiment. They found that Ramu lapped milk out of a glass rather than drinking it. He tore apart his food and chewed on meat bones for hours at a time. The doctors finally concluded that Ramu was a ghadya ka bacha, or wolf boy, who had grown up with the wild animals and, therefore, behaved more like a wolf than a human being.

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