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A few weeks ago I was sad to open the newspaper and read that McKenzie’s Bakery was finally going out of business for good. I was sad to think that we wouldn’t be able to find any more nice King Cakes for Mardi gras. In fact, we had been saving coupons in the hopes of using them in the future. Well, nobody will honor those coupons or savings slips. Now that McKenzie’s is closed, there’s no guarantee we’ll get the best King Cakes around.

Not so with God! We have the guarantee that he will provide the very best. That guarantee is sealed with a coupon. It’s not simply based on an advertisement. God’s guarantee is sealed in the Holy Spirit. He is the one who guarantees that our desires have been met in Christ. He guarantees this whenever we go to our Father in prayer. Whatever is on our hearts and minds, God will hear and answer. We don’t need to doubt. We’ve got his promise.

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