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My wife and I recently visited with a couple who were the proud parents of a baby boy, just over a year old. As soon as we entered their home, we noticed that everything about this house was dedicated to protecting their baby. There were plastic plugs in the

electrical outlets to keep the baby from seeing what happens when he places his little fingers in them. When they opened their pantry door, there was a small plastic “baby gate” nailed into place, keeping the baby from getting to items that might be harmful for

a small child. When you tried to open their cabinet doors, there were small hooks in place to keep the baby from being able to open those doors and reach more harmful things. Finally, we drove somewhere with this couple and noticed they had a special baby seat to buckle him in, in case he would try to move about. We couldn’t roll down the windows because they were “child proof”, in case the baby tried to reach through

them and become hurt. When we arrived at our destination, we couldn’t open...

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