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When God looks at the human heart, he knows what he’s looking at. 1 Samuel 16:7 suggests that we don’t and can’t, even when we look at our own hearts. The results of not seeing the heart for what it is can be disastrous.

An Illinois man died waiting for a donor kidney a month after his transplant operation was halted when doctors found a Chicago organ bank employee sent a heart to the downstate hospital by mistake.

The patient was in the operating room May 12 undergoing surgery when the mistake was discovered. Doctors closed the man’s incision and he died Sunday still awaiting a replacement kidney.

"They got him ready for surgery, took him in to the operating room, did the incision, got all his nerve endings prepared, and when they went to open the box, it was a heart. They had labeled in wrong," Daniel DeVore Jr., a friend of the deceased patient told Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times.

A spokesman for the Regional Organ Bank of Illinois said two organs were mislabeled by an organ-recovery coordinator. The kidney should have gone to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Ill., and a heart to a...

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