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: 3 men were walking on a beach one afternoon when they came across an old lamp. The first man picked it up and began to rub it and out popped a genie. The genie said I am here to give each of you one wish each.

The first man did not hesitate he said I want a million dollars – POOF, instantly a million dollars appeared before him.

The second man said I want a mansion her on the beach – POOF, a beautiful mansion appeared right before his eyes and the genie handed him the keys.

This got the third guy really thinking about his wish, finally he stated Make me irrespirable to women – POOF the genie turned the man into a large box of chocolate

What are you wishing for? Suppose you had three wishes; what are the items you would wish for that give you happiness & make your life more enjoyable?

We live in a culture today that tells us there is always something more, something better, something we have to have. Whether it is the latest Ipod or Big Screen TV, advertisers are paid big bucks to tell us we need something more.

Paul finishes his challenge to Timothy saying, if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that, realize there is a limit to the things we can possess, before they begin to possess you.

John D. Rockefeller – I have made millions, but they have brought me no happiness.

Cornelius Vanderbilt – The Care of millions is too great a load, there is no pleasure in it

Henry Ford, said at the end of his life – I was happier as a boy working in a mechanics shop, though we had nothing

We should follow the warnings of these men and understand there is a point when we become satisfied and it is only at the point when God is first place in our life.

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