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Repentance is not just limited to us being shown we are sinners and that we need God’s forgiveness

In verse nine we get a hint that repentance will produce fruit in our lives

Gordon Liddy who for most of his life ignored God, was once one of the highest ranking public servants in the US government and spent 21 years in jail for his role in the watergate phone tapping affair says the following

Now the hardest thing I have to do every single day is try to decide what is God’s will, rather than what is my will. What does Jesus want, not what does Gordon want. And so the prayer that I say most frequently is, ’God, first of all, please tell me what you want - continue the communication. And second, give me the strength to do what I know you want, what your will is, rather than my own.’

What Gordon recognises is that being repentant means relying on God not only for forgiveness,

but also for the strength to do God’s will rather than our own

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