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Motor Homes have allowed us to put all the conveniences of a home on wheels. A camper no longer means sleeping in a sleeping bag, cooking over a fire, or hauling water from a stream. Now people can park a fully equipped home on a cement slab in the midst of a few pine trees and hook up to a water line, a sewer line and electricity. One motor home I saw recently had a satellite dish attached on top. That is not really what I’d call roughing it. No more bother with dirt, no more smoke from the fire, no more drudgery of walking to the stream. Now it is possible to go camping and never have to go outside. People buy a motor home with the hope of seeing new places, of getting out into the world. Yet they deck it out with the same furnishings as are in their living room. Thus nothing really changes. They may drive to a new place, set themselves in new surrounding, but the newness goes unnoticed, for we’ve only carried along our old setting.

I believe that there is a lot of Christians that try to live their Christian lives like that. They try to enjoy all that they can of the world, yet never fully submit themselves to Jesus and therefore they miss out on so much that God has intended for us.

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