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Our founding fathers believed very strongly in God’s presence. When our earliest universities began, most of them were founded to train Christian preachers.

* When Harvard was established in 1636, their statement of purpose said, “Every student’s main aim is to know Jesus Christ, & to recognize that Christ is the foundation of all learning.”

* When Yale came into existence in 1701, they said that “God is the source of all wisdom,” & they required all their students to attend daily public prayer services both morning & evening.

* When Princeton came into existence in 1746, Princeton proclaimed, “Cursed is all learning contrary to the cause of Christ.” (If only they had those same principles today…)

Our founding fathers were convinced that the Psalmist was right when he wrote in Psalm 33:12: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

* Patrick Henry said, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists but by Christians. Not on religion but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

* William Penn, said, “If we aren’t governed by God we will be ruled by tyrants.”

* John Jay, first justice of the Supreme Court, said, “It is the duty as well as the privilege & the interest of a Christian nation to select & prefer Christians for their rulers.”

* James Madison the chief architect of the constitution said, “Religion is the basis and foundation of our government”

Benjamin Franklin (I was taught at ATU that he was a deist) Watch Magazine…. What about separation of Church and State??? What about our schools??? Schools in our country used one primary textbook, & that was the Bible.

In fact, history tells us that the Delaware Indians came to George Washington & requested that their children be permitted to study in his schools because they wanted their children to learn morality & integrity. Even though they didn’t understand the Bible’s message about Jesus, they wanted their children to learn the principles taught in the Bible.

Thomas Jefferson, when he was president of our land, also served as head of the school board in Washington, D.C. Jefferson, not a Christian himself, insisted that two books be used - the Bible & the Watts Hymnal. The New England Primer, used until 1900…

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