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Two boys were playing in the snow one day, when one said to the other, "Let us see who can make the straightest path in the snow." His companion readily accepted the proposition, and they started. One boy fixed his eyes on a tree, and walked along without taking his eyes off the object selected.

The other boy set his eyes on the tree also, and, when he had gone a short distance, he turned, and looked back to see how true his course was. He went a little distance farther, and again turned to look over his steps. When they arrived at their stopping place, each halted and looked back. One path was true as an arrow, while the other ran in a zigzag course.

"How did you get your path so straight?" asked the boy who had made the crooked steps. The other boy said, "I just set my eyes on the tree, and kept them there until I got to the end; while you stopped and looked back and wandered out of your course."

This is a perfect picture of the Christian life. If we fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perferter of our faith then we would able to walk a straight path in life. Many have followed this admonition in the past and they were able to live a life of faith, one of them is Abraham.

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