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Frederick Nolan

Frederick was fleeing from his enemies in North Africa during a time of great persecution. Exhausted with no other place to hide, he fell into a cave nearby and expected his enemies to soon find and kill him. As he lay there awaiting his death, a spider began weaving a web at the cave entrance. Within minutes, the little spider had woven a web across the opening of the cave. The pursuers arrived and wondered if Frederick were perhaps hiding in the cave. Upon seeing the web thought it impossible for him to have entered the cave. They moved on and continued their pursuit. Having escaped certain death, Frederick exclaimed

“Where God is, a spiders web is like a wall,

“Where God is not, a wall is like a spiders web”

You can easily get trapped where God is not there to protect you. Trapped, you are merely awaiting for your enemy to come devour you.

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