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Dietrich Bonheoffer once asked this question of us,

"Do we understand that instead we get a messiah who gives us power all right, but it’s a whole new kind of power, it’s THE POWER OF SUFFERING LOVE

It’s a power that looks me in the eye, forgives my sin, my fear, my anger, my resentment, my prejudice

It’s a power that didn’t assert itself over and against me, but died for me

It’s a power that sets me free from all of that which is within me that dehumanizes me and others

It’s a power that loosens my grip on all of my expectations and even allows me to see Christ’s face in the least and most lowly on this planet

It’s a power that relates in grace, and invites me to join with him in being one of his special grace givers.

It’s a power that assures me I don’t need to be afraid of suffering, self-giving love, because it’s the only way I will ever fulfill my humanity, and find my purpose, and experience true joy and peace."1

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