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John Huffman describes one unforgettable moment with his daughter. He had been away from home for several weeks on an overseas mission trip. When his airplane landed, he could hardly wait to see his wife and four children, but he was detained in customs. Finally after two hours, the customs officials allowed Huffman, and the other passengers to proceed to the lobby, where hundreds of people were anxiously awaiting for family and friends. Huffman writes:

There was such a press of bodies, I knew I would not be able to pick my children out until I walked up the ramp, past security, and got out into the open. But my three-year-old daughter, who managed to squeeze her way to the front of the crowd, began screcaming at the top of her lungs, ‘daddy Daddy That’s my Daddy She must have shouted that at least 5 times, when suddenly she broke free from the crowd, and bolted past the security guards, still yelling Daddy, Daddy, That’s my Daddy” She...

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