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Done to Escape Consequences

A fellow named Louie, deep in debt, was thinking of ending it all. "That’s ridiculous," says his neighbor, who was a chemist. "Look, I can give you a pill that will put you in a state of suspended animation. I’ll say you died - but then I’ll ship your body to another state, where you can be revived and start a new life."

Louie agreed, and the next day he was laid out in the funeral parlor with everyone lined up to pay their last respects. The 1st creditor goes up to the coffin and says, "Louie, why did you do it So you owed me $15,000. What’s $15,000 between friends?

Then the 2nd creditor goes up and says, "Louie, all you had to do was ask. I would have extended the $50,000 you owed me indefinitely."

Now a 3rd creditor goes up to the coffin. "Louie, you dirty rat You borrowed $200,000 from me and now I’ve lost my house and business. Well, you may be dead but I’m going to get my vengeance. I’m going to take this 8 inch butcher knife, stick in your heart and twist it once for every dollar you borrowed from me."

With this, Louie opens one eye and ever so slightly, lifts his index finger and says "You - I’ll pay."

Sometimes we show remorse...

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