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Let me tell you a story of a man you know. He is called by some a man of sorrows.

He was born into a poor family in 1809.

His mother died when he was 9 years old.

He ran for state legislature when he was 22 – lost.

His fiancées died when he was 26.

He marries at the age of 33 – she suffers from sever depression.

He ran for US Congress at the age of 34 – lost.

At 39 he ran for congress again – lost.

At 41 his second oldest son dies.

At 46 he ran for US Senate – lost.

At 47 he ran for Vice President of the US – lost.

At 49 he ran for Senate again – lost.

By this time most people would have given up. But he wasn’t like most people. He dared to be different and at the age of 51 he ran for President of the United States and was elected. His name – Abraham Lincoln. Many may not know – but he was a devout Christian. He set himself apart, did not give in to criticism or disappointment. He dared to be different.

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