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As far back as anyone could remember, Kris knew where he was going. He was clean-cut boy, bright and well behaved. The kind of kid any parent would be proud to call their son.

His father was a major general in the Air Force and immensely proud of his son when Kris announced his intention to join the military. Kris was only ten years old at that time but he knew what he must do. His first concern was making good grades. While Kris was in high school in Brownsville, TX, his dad transferred to San Mateo, CA. There were the usual family adjustments and if ever a boy had the excuse to fail, it was then. Kris, instead, excelled

To his classmates, he was a square. When others stayed out at night, Kris stayed home and studied. After high school he attended a private college in Claremont, CA. Again, he excelled in academics and athletics. He did not just play football, he became a football hero. And a Golden Gloves boxer. And a sports writer for the student paper. And a ROTC commander.

He eventually received the ultimate prestigious academic recognition; a Rhodes scholarship and on to Oxford. But there was no hesitation and no resting on his laurels. By the time Kris had reached Oxford he had written one novel and was beginning a second. Book publishers were clamoring for his manuscripts, but Kris had something else in mind. After achieving as much as any young man could achieve, Kris joined the Army, to his father’s delight.

He went through jump school. He went through Ranger school. He went through flight school. He became a pilot, a Captain, was stationed in Germany and came back to the US to become a major, and an instructor at West Point.

Some people just seem to know from early on in life where they’re headed. What life expects of them. So it seemed for Kris. A boy from the beginning of elementary school with grades instead of grumbling. A boy from the start who was called a square, but didn’t care. A football hero, a Golden Gloves boxer, a novelist, a Rhodes scholar, a young man that could go anywhere, could do anything, in or out of the military. And so Kris became a person you know. He became a number one recording artist of country classics and ballads. He was and is Kris Kristofferson. And now you know the rest of the story.

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