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A father takes a hike with his one-year-old son who is in a carrier on his back. The hike leads around the perimeter of a lake. In spite of gathering clouds, father and son attack the rugged trail. Half way around the lake, it begins to rain. The father reaches back and pulls his son’s hood over his head, but unknown to the father, the child pushes it off. The rain comes down harder and the boy begins to cry. The wind is howling, the rain is pounding, thunder explodes in their ears and lightning flashes around them. By now the child is terrified and howling at the top of his lungs. So the father stops, takes his son out of the carrier and holds him close to his chest. He protects his head from the rain as best he can, but still the child screams in terror. The child only lives in the present moment. He has no idea that eventually the storm will end. As his fear continues to rise, the father whispers in his ears, “I love you, buddy. We’re gonna make it. I know the way home.” Over and over again he speaks words of assurance into...

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