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It reminds me of a story I heard of a pastor in TN who had a lady in his church who was in her mid - 80’s. She was living in a nursing home. Now, she was one of these whose body was weak, but her mind was still as sharp as a tack. She said, “Pastor, I know I’m not going to live much longer, but before I die, I’d really like to see the ocean. I’ve never been out of TN, and I’ve never seen the seashore. The pastor shared this story to a couple of his deacons and they planned a trip. They went to the nursing home and loaded her in a van, and drove 12 hours from TN down to the Gulf of Mexico near Ft. Walton beach. They parked as close as they could to the beach, and lifted this dear saint out of the van into a wheelchair and took her to the top of a sand dune. It was one of those beautiful spring days when the water was blue and the sky was blue and you could hardly tell where the two met on the horizon. The pastor said he looked at this dear woman and her eyes were moving from side to side trying to take it all in. As tears streamed down her wrinkled cheeks she turned to her pastor and said, “It is so good to find something that there is enough of.”

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