Sermon Illustrations

In the Russian Orthodox Church. the standard greeting is: "Christ is Risen!" to which someone would reply: "He is risen indeed!" Years ago, when the Communists began to take control of Russia, a Communist party official came to a village to try and convert its residents there to Communism. He challenged the Russian Orthodox priest to a debate. He figured he could easily crush this frail old priest in a debate. The whole town gathered for the debate. The official so eloquently argued the benefits of Communism that many of the people were nodding in approval. With great satisfaction, he smugly sat down, gesturing the priest to speak. The priest stood up at the podium and said simply: "Christ is risen!" The people then passionately exclaimed as with one voice: "He is risen indeed." The Communist official then briskly packed up his briefcase and left the meeting hall knowing he would never be able to persuade these villagers to accept a godless Communism over a belief in a risen Saviour. Our Lord truly has risen and he continues to walk among us today.