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The top ten things teenagers hate to hear their parents say:

10. Pull your pants up. (What good will that do? They will just fall down again.)

9. When I was your age we did things differently. (Unfortunately, your kids still aren’t convinced you ever were their age.)

8. Who is going with you and what will you be doing? (This only shows you were not listening when they asked to go to a movie with their friends. You know who their friends are don’t you?)

7. When I was your age we didn’t have computers or cell phones and we got along just fine with out ‘em. (That only proves to your kids that you are old; whatever you do don’t tell them you only had four channels on the TV and one of them was fuzzy all the time.)

6. Someday you will look back at this and remember me laughing. (That’ may be worse than “I told you so.”)

5. Clean your room. (It has taken a lifetime for them to get it just the way they like it and now you want them to mess it up?)

4. Why? Because I said so that’s why! (What kind of a reason is that?)

3. It’s past your bedtime, so go to bed. (Teenagers believe that sleep is overrated.)

2. It’s past noon get out of that bed now! (Sleep is only overrated when it is dark outside.)

1. You’ll understand someday when you have a child just like you are. (And all along they’ve heard parents say how much their kids are just like they are.)

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