Sermon Illustrations

I read of a remarkable story of God’s providential care. Police in Nepal saved the lives of Christians by arresting them! A musical team from an Indian church travelled to Tikapur, Nepal, to attend a church conference. Hours before they were scheduled to return to India, police arrested the team leader and confiscated their van. Several officers then used the van for a personal trip to a town 150 miles away.

Robbers attacked the van as it travelled through a forest. They had expected the van to be full of Christians and were planning to kill them and take their equipment, but police jumped out of the van and shot at the robbers, forcing them to flee. "Praise be to God who saved our lives," said the leader. When he told the Tikapur police chief that God used his arrest to protect the Christians, the chief agreed that the team was blessed and decided to release them. The pastor was then able to witness to the police chief and other officers at the station and pray with them. God moves in mysterious ways.

Christ is our sufficiency; there can be no life apart from him. He is our contemporary just as he was for Daniel. When circumstances are against us or God visits the ungodly world in judgement, Jesus is our hiding place.