Sermon Illustrations

And when we,

when people discover the power of the resurrection of Jesus,

this affects how we approach life, how we live.

Many of us have heard of Darren Beadman.

His is one of the celebrity jockeys, in one year the horses he rode earnt $9.6 million dollars.

In 1990 and 1996 he rode Melbourne Cup winners.

However God was stirring in his heart a message that there is something better.

In an interview with the 7.30 report he said

"I can’t deny the power of God.

I’ve seen the workings of God, the miracles.

I’ve seen the blessings -- the word of God explains it all."

And in 1997 he announced to the world that he had retired from racing to pursue a calling as a pastor.

For two years he studied at a bible college in Sydney.

Then in 2000, to some people’s surprise he returned to racing as a jockey.

But he was a different person, a different jockey.

No longer was his life only about racing horses.

In fact horse racing was merely a way to involve himself in ministry.

He sees his return to racing as God calling back to horse racing,

so others in racing can share in the wonderful life God offers.

And he continues ministry not as a pastor but as a jockey.

He is currently a member of St Martin’s Anglican Church in Kensington,

which is very close to Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.


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