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Richard Schwedes

Contributor since: Nov 8, 2006
Denomination: Lutheran

About Richard Schwedes

Education: I completed the Bachelor of Theology and Graduate Diploma of Ministry at Australia Lutheran College (previously known as Luther Seminary). Other areas of training include Certificate in Frontline Management, Diploma of Management, Certificate in Small Business Management and have completed half the units necessary for a Bachelor of Business.

One of my favorite illustrations: One of my favourite illustrations concerns the Beaconsfield mine rescue. After the collapse of the Beaconsfield mine, the news gathered in this small mining town in Tasmania, as they waited to hear what happened to the three men done the mine. First Larry Knight was found dead, but Todd Russell and Brant Webb were still missing. As days went on they thought they were dead. However then ’the miracle’ occurred they were discovered alive. The media industry then threw away their budgets, bro

Family: My lovely wife Veronica is a great support in many areas of ministry. Whilst my three children Mercedes, Zackary and Brooke love interacting with others, praying, visiting and helping out in some areas of church life...