Sermon Illustrations

Mark was a 10 year old boy who never misbehaved or caused problems at school. But unfortunately he never made very good grades in spelling.

One day during a spelling test he was tempted to copy off of Jane, who always made straight “A’s” in spelling. Even though Mark was a Christian, and knew that it was wrong to cheat, he did it anyway. The teacher saw Mark looking off of Jane’s paper and was terribly shocked and disappointed because she had always admired him for his honesty.

When it came time to collect the tests, the teacher noticed Mark did something very unusual. He bowed his head, and silently prayed and asked God to forgive him, and then he ripped up his paper. He decided to take a zero rather than turning in a paper in which he had cheated on.

The teacher called Mark up to her desk and said, "I was watching you, Mark, and I want you to know that I’m very proud of you for what you just did. Today you really passed a much greater...

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