Sermon Illustrations

Danielle Fineout grew up as the daughter of missionaries in Zaire. As a little girl, she went to a day-long rally celebrating the one-hundreth anniversary of Christian missionaries coming to that part of Zaile. After a full day of long speeches and music, an old man came before the crowd and insisted that he be allowed to speak. He said he soon would die, and that he alone had some important information. If he did not speak, that information would go with him to his grave. He explained that when Christian missionaries came a hundred years before, his people thought the missionaries were strange and there message unuasual. The tribal leaders decided to test the missionaries by slowly poisoning them to death. Over a period of months and years, missionary children died one by one. Then the old man said, " It was as we watched how they died that we decided that we wanted to live as Christians." That story had gone untold for one hundred years. Those who died painful, strange deaths never knew why they were dying or what the impact of their lives and deaths would be. They stayed because they trusted Jesus Christ.