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God has a very specific purpose, calling, mantle for you. Maybe you’re finding yourself right now in a place, spiritually or physically, where you don’t quite belong. Where you are struggling and gasping for breath, like a fish floundering around on the shore. Take that fish and put it in the water, and its genius emerges! It does what it was called to do- it swims away gracefully and purposefully.

You weren’t made to flounder around. You have a specific purpose in the church and in God’s Kingdom. You might think that if you don’t step into that calling, someone else will do it. You might think that the church has others much more gifted than I. Certainly, my pathetic talents won’t make any difference.

Oh, Beloved, you’re wrong. A Rolls Royce is a beautiful car. A very expensive and luxurious car. But just as a Rolls Royce with 3 wheels is limited, so, too, is the church, and the Kingdom, without you.

Each of us has a very specific and unique calling which is important to the whole. I used to think that if I didn’t...

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