3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Roy Anthony Borges was sentenced to a term of 45 years in a Florida penitentiary for robbery. He has become a Christian and is a law clerk in the prison library. Roy tells this story in an article he wrote for DISCIPLESHIP JOURNAL and

MEN OF INTEGRITY magazine in 1998:

“Where the strong prey on the weak, loving your enemies can seem self-destructive. Rodney stole my radio and headphones while I was in the prison yard playing volleyball. I had no way to prove it and, since we couldn’t receive more gifts at the time, couldn’t replace them.

“The old Roy wanted to knock that wisecrack grin off Rodney’s face. That’s how I had solved my problems in the past. God’s been teaching me another way, however, since I became a Christian. He tells me vengeance is His. I decided to pray for Rodney.

“Later, my job as a prison law clerk took me to the confinement cells. Rodney’s days of stealing from other prisoners had caught up with him. As I passed his cell, he asked if I remembered him.

"Sure, you’re the guy who stole my radio."

"That weren’t me," he lied.

“‘That’s all right, Rodney, I forgive you.’ I...

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