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B. Instead of focusing on his own life, and keeping himself in a right, vibrant, relationship with the Lord, he is virtually always concerned with, watching, critiquing, and criticizing those around him.

C. It seems that whoever he is focused on can do no right.

D. If this person is not doing what he thinks he ought to be doing, he criticizes him for his inaction.

E. If the person he is focusing on is actively involved, he criticizes him for wanting all the attention, or for wanting to run everything.

F. If the person of his focus is doing something he wants him to do, he is not doing it the way he should be.

G. In other words, whether he is focusing on an individual or other people in general, it doesn’t matter what they do, something will always be wrong with it.

H. Somehow, the carnal Christian always feels he is being shortchanged; he is always being upstaged; someone who ‘certainly doesn’t deserve it’ is always being seen or treated as superior to him.

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