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He was born a favored son when he was born to Rachel. It also was not Joseph's fault that he was being despised because of who he was born to, and also when he was born.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: We are only born once, physically and all have the opportunity to be born the second time spiritually. The way that we are born the first time and to whom we are born is unique to only ourselves. We are individuals with different character traits. None of us are the same. Some are given many talents; some are given only a few. Yet, God rewards the faithful use of these talents. If you take and live your life selfishly, without any consideration towards the Lord, you will forfeit many blessings that could have been yours. You either may be envied for who you are, or you may be despised for who you are. Just remember that God has given each of us the same opportunity to exercise faithfulness back to him. If you find yourself as Joseph did, in difficult circumstances, please be faithful where you are and just wait for God to exalt you in due time. He will one day reward your faithfulness.

From W. Alderman’s Sermon: The Dreamer

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