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The Valley of Sorrow

by Bernice Peyman

I came to the Valley of Sorrow,

And dreadful it looked to my view

But Jesus was walking beside me,

So together we journeyed it through.

And now I look back to that valley

As the fairest I ever have trod,

For I learned there the love of my Father,

I leaned on the arm of God.

Yes, as I look back to that valley

From the crest of it’s glory crowned hill,

I call it my valley of blessing,

It lieth so peaceful, so still.

And sweeter it is to my spirit,

Than the chorus of jubilant song.

It’s there the mourners find comfort,

It’s there the weak are made strong.

Yes, fair is the Valley of Sorrow

God’s tenderest angels are there.

It’s shadows are made light with patience

And sweet with the fragrance of prayer.

Tired hearts gather strength in that valley,

And burdens once heavy are light.

Sweet are the songs in the sunshine,

Sweeter the songs in the...

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