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Several years ago, while ministering in Florida, I was about to speak in chapel for our Church’s preschool, and my wife was supposed to lead singing. But it was time to start and Deb was on the phone, and I became impatient. So, when I went out to the auditorium, our Preschool Director, asked me, "Where’s Deb?" And I said in front of her and several teachers, "This is no news flash, but she’s on the phone yakking her head off!"

You ever said something and as soon as it’s out, you wish you could take it back? Well, that was how I felt, especially when I turned around and there was Deb looking right behind me, giving me the look of, "How could you?" After chapel she asked me to step in one of the side rooms. She said, "I would really appreciate it if you never criticized me like that in public." You see, she submitted her idea...and I received her idea.

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