3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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One of the greatest masterpieces of human engineering is the Golden Gate Bridge. That is not my own assessment because I have never been privileged to see it. It is the opinion of those more knowledgeable than myself...architects, engineers, mathematician, physicists, etc. In fact, one knowledgeable scientist, Earl Palmer wrote a book, "The Enormous Exception", in which he wrote, "It is built to sway (up and down 10 feet and from side to side 22 feet} at the center of its one-mile suspension span. The secret to its durability is its flexibility that enables this sway, but that is not all. By design, every part of the bridge-its concrete roadway, its steel railings, its cross beams,-is inevitably related from one welded joint to the other up through the vast cable system to two great towers and two great land anchors. The towers bear most of the weight, and they are deeply imbedded into the rock foundation beneath the sea. In other words, the bridge is totally preoccupied with its foundation. This is the secret! Flexibility and foundation."

I believe that if any two words define the secret to the duration of the family it is these... FLEXIBILITY AND FOUNDATION.

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