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How about a cheetah? The smallest of the big cats, it has amazing speed and stealth, while lacking climbing skills. It is the fastest land animal reaching speeds between 70 and 75 mph in short bursts covering distances up to 500 yards. The cheetah can accelerate from 0-68 mph in 3 seconds, faster than most sports cars. That’s fast, and our God created the cheetah.

One of my favorite animals is the elephant. These massive creatures are a sight to see. The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in 1956; this male weighed about 26,000 lb with a shoulder height of 13.8 ft. And these massive beasts are not dumb giants;

with their large 11 lb brains they display a wide variety of behaviors, including grief, making music, art, play, use of tools, compassion, and self-awareness, all evidence of a high intelligence level. These mammals are very interesting and again created by our God

All these animals and the thousands more are all part of the works Thy hands have made.

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