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But we must focus on the good

Reminds me of a story about a newlywed farmer and his wife

Mother-in-law visit demanding an inspection

Genuinely tried to be friendly

Hoping for non-antagonistic relationship

To no avail, nagged at every opportunity

Demanding changes, offering unwanted advice and generally making life unbearable

Walking through the barn during forced inspection

Mule suddenly reared up kicked mother in head killing instantly

Shock no matter their feelings toward her

Funeral few days later farmer stood near casket and greeted folks

Pastor noticed whenever a woman whispered to farmer

He would nod and say something

When man walked and talked he would shake his head no

And mumble a reply

Pastor later asked farmer what that was all about

Explained women would say what a terrible tragedy

And I would nod and say yes it was

The men would ask, can I borrow that mule

And I would shake my head no and say

Can’t, its all booked up for a year.

There is always a sunny side of life

But sometimes it can be to difficult to find

To find the joy in certain situation

But we can get through tough times

Only with God’s help

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