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The shortening of private devotions starves the soul. William Wilberforce, Christian statesman of Great Britain in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, once said, “I must secure more time for private devotions.” Following a failure in Parliament, he stated that his problems may have been due to the fact that he spent less and less time in his private devotions in which he could earnestly seek the will of God. He concluded, “God allowed me to stumble.”

If we do not earnestly seek for the will of God in our lives, He will let us stumble. The morning is an excellent time for devotions. If you schedule to do it during your day or in the evening, what happens when your day or evening become so hectic that your devotion time gets pushed out of the line up?

By having communion with God the Father in the morning, we are saying, “God, you are most important in my priorities and I will give you the first fruit of my day.” If we allow time for God first thing in the morning, He will bring together the rest of your day. You will be full spiritually and will not be hungry for this world. If you wait until later to have devotions with your Father, it most likely gets pushed out of the line up and never gets done, sometimes going days without talking with God or reading His Word. You will fill yourself up with the world and be to stuffed to eat spiritually when you get home.

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