3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

All guys know what this means. We have all been in the position of wanting to please a woman of whom we were unworthy. We may want to buy her a gift.

So we draw on our vast experience and the advice of other people to know what kind of gift is best:

• It should not say the wrong thing

• It should express something about how we feel

• It should say something about how we perceive her

The problem is usually that we go about this first gift with too little information. We don’t know what she likes or what makes her smile. We are not the best person to be buying her a gift. We are not that likely to completely please her with the present.

The main thing that can change the situation is if she gets us up to speed. She sits us down and explains that she doesn’t actually like the brand of perfume we bought because it gives her headaches and hives. She, instead, gives us a list of her favorites.

By paying close attention and using the knowledge she gives us with understanding and wisdom, we can please her and, ultimately be worthy of her. Well ....

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