• Timothy Darling

    Contributing sermons since Dec 21, 2005
Timothy's church

Norma Mennonite Church
Pittsgrove, New Jersey 08318

About Timothy
  • Education: AA in Missions from Liberty University, VA BA in English from Liberty University, VA MA in Bible from Lancaster Bible College, PA
  • Family: I live with my wife, Dawn, and two cats in the town of Norma in rural southern New Jersey.
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  • As Of 2010, There Are More Than 20 Major Civil ...

    Contributed on Apr 28, 2010

    As of 2010, there are more than 20 major civil and international conflicts involving, among others, the nations of: India Afghanistan Somalia Iraq Pakistan Mexico Myanmar Iran Israel Nigeria Colombia Peru Indonesia the Philippines Turkey Iraqi more

  • Every Day Over 25,000 People Die Of Hunger. ...

    Contributed on Apr 28, 2010

    Every day over 25,000 people die of hunger. That's over 1,000 people an hour. In other words, as many people die of hunger every hour as are killed in the world's deadliest wars in a year. One person every 3 seconds ... most often, children. If the effects of death by famine in the world today more

  • I Am Especially Moved By A Story From Last ...

    Contributed on Apr 28, 2010

    I am especially moved by a story from last October, of Pervaiz Masih, a Christian janitor at a women's complex in the International Islamic University in Pakistan who purposely blocked the way of a suicide bomber who was trying to reach hundreds of women in the cafeteria. While the bomber was more

  • Give While You're Still Alive

    Contributed on Apr 19, 2010

    GIVE WHILE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE I remember a friend of mine suggesting that waiting until after your death to give the people you love something you want them to have is not the best way to do it. If you wait until they get it from your will, in many cases, they must pay an inheritance tax on it. more

  • On The Sequence Of Songs In Revelation 5

    Contributed on Apr 19, 2010
    based on 2 ratings

    ON THE SEQUENCE OF SONGS IN REVELATION 5 Think of this like a commencement on a cosmic scale. The graduate represents three things: ** The past (all the study and hard work she has invested) ** The present (the diploma and honors she receives at his graduation) ** The future (the potential more