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*Some will be saved. And we must keep trying to reach them, even though many will reject the message, just like they did here in Acts 28:24.

*Wray Ivey was one of my mentors when we lived in Macon. He was our pastor at First Baptist Church in Macon, and a great guy. One Tuesday night Wray and I were out visiting, and I was discouraged about our lack of results. There are so many lost people out there, and we were reaching so few. It almost seemed like “What’s the use?”

*But Wray said, “Suppose you were standing next to the ocean, and you saw thousands of people drowning, and you had a life ring in your hand. What would you do? Would you give up and say, ‘What’s the use?’ -- Or would you try to save as many of them as you possibly could?”

*We must try to reach as many people as we possibly can! God’s not through saving people yet! The fields are still white unto harvest! Be encouraged. Some will be saved! We can keep moving ahead by believing that some will be saved.

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